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Year 10 Advanced Math

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Year 10 Advanced Math

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Year 10 Advanced Math

About this course

Our Year 10 Advanced Maths course provides tuition for students to completely understand advanced mathematical theories, principle and formulas to solve mathematical problems. Organised materials with a variety of practical questions. Topics include:

  • Ratios and Rates
  • Algebraic Techniques
  • Surds and Indices
  • Equations
  • Linear Relationships
  • Non-Linear Relationships
  • Polynimials
  • Logarithms
  • Functions and Other Graphs
  • Area and Surface Area
  • Volume
  • Trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Properties of Geometrics Figures
  • Circle Geometry
  • Single Variable Data Analysis


How to enrol?

How to enrol?
Join us now in FOUR simple steps:
Choose your course(s),download and fill up our enrolment form, submit your form online to our email or in person to our centre, pay your tuition fees after receiving your enrolment confirmation.
Please feel free to come and visit us at our Five Dock centre for more information. Alternatively, give us a call on (02) 8322 8904 or send us your enquiry via [email protected]

Do you provide one-on-one tutoring?

Do you provide one-on-one tutoring?
We do provide tailored one-on-one private tutoring for students who have unique requirements for a specific area of study. We believe every student has his/her own strengths and areas of interest, some may struggle with a subject and require a little extra help and guidance to achieve their full potential, whereas some others may be more talented than average and require accelerated learning mode. Our private lessons are designed for individual students to progress at their own pace.
In addition, students from small class tutoring can also take casual one-on-one session before their school’s exam period for extra learning needs.

Will the student get homework to do??

Will the student get homework to do?
Homework will be assigned in terms of multiple-choice questions, short and long response questions and exam-style writing tasks. For Language Program, students will also get listening and speaking tasks as part of their homework. All these exercises allow students to practice the exam technique and concepts learned in theory classes. Completion of homework is essential for students’ learning progress and parental support is expected especially for young children.